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Fandom apps take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Something many writers are fond of doing to circumvent that issue myself included is to keep the setting of rwby but either set the story in the past or future or make it an au entirely.

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Male rwby ocs. Male oc reader x rwby harem 19 6k reads 331 votes 65 part story. 280 lbs 127 kg academy. You are drago wolf the strongest god in all dimensions you are interested in the world called remnant.

6 7 201 cm weight. Just a shadow rwby male reader in. Early 20s eye color.

Rwby oc database undesiredleftove. Rwby fanfiction by phoenix seven. Just something if anybody is interested in wanting to know more about my ocs.

The way rwby is set up now doesn t allow much potential for individual stories on the same grand level as that of the main canon cast. Rwby oc bruno goldberg team icbg version 2 5 name. You wanted to know what happened in that dimension so you wanted to travel there.

A european name derived from the germanic element brun meaning brown age.

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Rwby Ocs

Welcome to the rwby fanon wiki. Nyte eru shi 49 3 oc outfit commission.

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My new rwby oc cael nubes.

Rwby ocs. Future teams n a until beacon is rebuilt. Born and raised in vacuo for most of his youth erwin was quite the hard worker. Completed 21 more 8.

Rwby gun pure liberation kone5497 11 2 rwby weapon. When volume 4 comes out this guide will not be updated until volume 4 is over. The original guidelines set by monty oum the color naming rule is a set of guidelines that define how characters in the world of rwby are named.

Hello everyone draco here. Please go here for the oc creation rules before making an oc. For those who need help with your oc here is a great guide to assist you.

Posted by 8 hours ago. In his words to try to be the best he can be in this crazy world cael is generally laid back when it comes to people. The rwby oc by yang xiao long.

He s attending beacon to become a hunter in it to better equip himself. Virtually all canon characters follow the rule. Legends of remnant best of sentinel cerberus artwork drawn by.

Dust gauntlets accel phoenix 46 0 rwby oc comm gled s sword che3zy 51 1 oc outfit commission. He was a simple goyote farmer up until he lost his home and family in a grimm attack. Hot new top rising.

He s a tinker of machines also a young airship pilot. Erwin struggled on his own for awhile until he was taken in by a faunus organization the white fang in menagerie. This will apply to any and all ocs on this community.

Made by me from gachaverse and ocs own to their rightful artists. It must also be noted that only staff members are allowed to edit this. While there he.

Feel free to draw them if you want. Posted by 2 hours ago. A second year student at beacon academy.

Wiki rules chat rules rp rules guidelines official categories. The rules were first revealed by series creator monty oum as a guide for naming fan created original characters. Aurum eru shi 50 5.

8 992 grimms and counting. So let s get started. Kaes eru shi 43 2 oc outfit commission.

Years and positions reflect the positions and age the fanmade teams were at the beginning of rwby volume 1. This guide is written and updated up to the end of volume 3. Evergreenleaf on february 21 2016 on 10 04 p m.

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