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There are so many factors that come into play. Impeccable linework precise shading and a mastered style but finding an artist who meets your standards isn t easy.

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If you love science or you are a scientist who loves to be tattooed below is a collection of brilliant and amazing tattoos.

Science tattoo. It is the smartest design option nowadays. I continue to get photos at a regular rate and as i post new ones they continue to get noticed anew by places like digg the coolest science tattoos. 23 incredibly elegant science tattoos nerdgasm by krutika mallikarjuna.

This will be individual to the wearer. If you re really into other pastimes besides science then you can get the lsd or thc molecule. Instead of hearts or anchors they get tattoos of their favorite scientific subjects from dna molecules and brain cells to schematics for important inventions.

Sure there are nerd tattoos you need a phd to get but that just makes them more fun. Either way molecule tattoos are going to have a specific meaning based on the molecule. Soundwave tattoos by skin motion tattoos you can hear can be played back with the skin motion mobile app.

Create your soundwave tattoo today and find your tattoo artist in our tattoo artist directory. Finding the right tattoo artist is kind of like finding your soulmate or the perfect apartment. Nerdy science tattoos are a great way to express your personality and show off your iq at the same time.

The major objective of getting a tattoo designed is to snatch the attention of other people. Gravity assist is what was used with the 36 yr old voyager 1. Most molecule tattoos are serotonin dopamine and oxytocin chemicals released by our bodies that make us feel good.

To grab the attention of others the tattoo must be indifferent and attractive. The outer layer of your skin is called the epidermis and in order for a tattoo to be permanent the ink has to travel through to the dermis the layer just underneath. Keep clicking to see 11 science centric tattoos from science writer carl zimmer who wrote about science tatts in his book science ink.

The science tattoo emporium continues to thrive long after i first wondered aloud in august 2007 whether scientists had any cool tattoos of their research hidden under their lab coats. The cells on the epidermis are the ones that we shed so the dye trickles down just deep enough to evade our skin s natural shedding process. 21 ink credible science inspired tattoos this space cat and moon tattoo is cute.

A modified version of the phylogenetic tree of life by hillis zwickl and gutell. Despite their heady topics tattoos for science nerds don t need to be boring. The science tattoos are unique and uncommon.

Some people have science under their skin literally. Explore how humans managed to fling objects so far into space. Unique science tattoo designs and ideas.

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