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Of course i did try to deviate a bit from her designs and add my own personal touches to how i want the characters to look but i guess that only ended up being a change in costume hah. Sauron former servant to aulë and then melkor became the second dark lord and by the time the war of the elves and sauron began he had in his service all evil creatures once allied to morgoth.

R R Tolkien The Silmarillion Melkor Mairon Sauron By Frauen Adams Watch Report Fan Art Digital Art Painting A Melkor Character Inspiration Morgoth

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Sauron melkor fanart. The silmarillion silmarillion tolkien sauron mairon melkor morgoth melkor sauron i have so many ships i could make my own navy dark lords lord of the rings wip melkor x mairon melkor is a 5 years old child who likes breack his brothers and sisters toys aka arda. Apr 25 2014 this is something i probably shouldn t ship. Mairons outfit needs some colour changes but overall i m actually proud with how they look for once.

This was a redraw of a sketch from last year playing with the concept of mairon seducing melkor instead of the other way round. Long time no see them please do not reup my art without permission windrelyn. My updated sauron and melkor designs.

Feb 25 2019 the silmarillion slash pairing melkor morgoth the dark lord and mairon sauron annatar the lord of the rings ship. Want to discover art related to sauron. Tolkien fanart silmarillion the silmarillion angbang melkor morgoth sauron mairon my art middle earth manga style dark lord angband fire and darkness melkor x mairon morgoth x sauron.

Melkor isn t so sure about the little maia s games silmarillion mairon tolkien melkor fanart sauron morgoth sketch art. And whatever the cause for his call now was be it the expression of tenebrous joy of his return or the sign of the approach of an enemy sauron rested assured that the horde of balrogs would handle it with ease. From the second age onward men tainted by the shadow such as the king s men worshipped the darkness and its lords.

Melkor the darkest vala was finally free from his captivity in the halls of mandos. Angbang tolkien silmarillion melkor mairon sauron morgoth fanart. See more ideas about melkor morgoth tolkien.

Check out inspiring examples of sauron artwork on deviantart and get inspired by our community of talented artists. Heavily influenced by s designs of the characters and her overall look for the characters became my personal headcanon. Created my own designs for sauron and melkor from the silmarillion.

Believing it would deliver them from death.

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