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Nafanua was a famous woman warrior who was deified in ancient samoan religion and whose patronage was highly sought after by successive samoan rulers. 1891 1900 source national library of new zealand author thomas andrew of apia photographer.

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European exploration first reached the islands in the early 18th century.

Samoan woman samoan history. Often it is not even about sāmoan men but odd mercenary characters from other lands. Sāmoa tourism promoters spend millions idealising robert louis stevenson. Portrait of a taupou a young samoan village maiden taken in the 1890s by thomas andrew of apia western samoa identified as taupo matautu one of seumanatafa s daughters.

An arresting day in samoan history 24 february 1928. The following is an excerpt from the tattoo history source book. Oral tradition holds that the samoan archipelago was created by the god tagaloa at the beginning of history.

The origin of the samoan tatau is believed to have been introduced to the samoa islands by two fiji women who came ashore with the tools and knowledge of tattooing. History in sāmoa is mostly about men. Malietoa tupua tamasese mata afa and tuimalealiifano.

Notable figures in samoan history included the tui manu a line queen salamasina king fonoti and the four tama a aiga. The tale proclaimed that the two sisters sang a song which chanted that women are only to be tattooed but as they neared the beach shores the song mistakenly became reversed indicating that only the men will be tattooed. Samoan history migrants from southeast asia arrived in the samoan islands more than 2 000 years ago and from there settled the rest of polynesia further to the east.

Fanua in her wedding dress national library of new zealand portrait of a young samoan woman named fanua dressed in her wedding dress taken ca 1890s by an unidentified photographer. Tales of time samoan women at the forefront of battle. Contact with europeans began in the early 1700s but did not intensify until the arrival of english missionaries and traders in the 1830s.

Until 1997 the western islands were known as western samoa or samoa i sisifo to distinguish them from the nearby group known as american samoa or amerika samoa. A photograph from the 1890s of a samoan woman named fanua in her wedding gown. Thus if you know as a woman of another race that the samoan man you love is a kind of man that loves his samoan family very much and would do everything that his family back home would want him to do then you better show that same love to his family as well as he s got responsibilities to his family to fulfil.

Most is her use of local materials but how much her dress looks like a bustle gown. Europeans first saw the samoan islands in 1722. The samoan islands were first settled some 3 500 years ago as part of the austronesian expansion samoa s early and more current history is strongly connected with the histories of tonga and fiji which are in the same region and with whom it shares historical genealogical and cultural traditions.

The first europeans who set foot on samoan soil were members of a 1787 french expedition who had a close look at natives and reported that the men have their thighs painted or tattooed in such a way that one would think them clothes although they were almost naked.

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