Russian Bear Dogs Weight

The caucasian shepherd is a massive dog. The russian bear dog was originally bred to guard livestock.

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Between 100 170lbs and like most dog breeds females are generally smaller.

Russian bear dogs weight. Until the middle of the 19th century the russian mastiff was one of the favorite dog breeds of the russian nobility and was used for baiting and hunting bears. These guarding dogs are loyal and loving to their families but wary of those they don t know. Between 23 30 in height at the withers.

Russian bear dog price. The strength and dedication of this dog have made it a popular working police and guard dog in russia and in europe. This means that the russian bear dog max weight is 154 pounds or 70 kg.

The female dog average weight is about 99 pounds which are 45 kg approx. The russian bear dog s height and weight along with its massive fur creates an imposing figure and a primal impression that is simply remarkable. You can expect to pay between 1 000 2 000.

The first mention of this dog dates back to the 15th century to the times of vasily ii of moscow. According to the american kennel club they can weigh between 70 to 170 pounds however even larger versions do exist and are not uncommon. Russian bear dog lifespan.

Russian bear dog full grown. This big dog grows to weigh between 100 and 170 pounds and can reach 30 inches tall at the shoulder. Russian bear dog weight.

Russian bear dog size is as follow their height measuring at the shoulder approx 28 to 30 inches which means 58 76 cm the official weight recorded is from 99 to 170 pounds which mean around 50 to 77kg. The russian bear dog goes by many names including caucasian shepherd dog russian bear hunting dog kaukasische schaferhund and more. A large and powerful breed they weigh up to 170lbs and stand at around 30 inches tall.

The range is 99 pounds 154 pounds or 45 70 kg. The breed is recognized in most countries including the united states where they often call it the russian bear dog in russia its usual name is caucasian ovcharka that means caucasian sheepdog in russian. The russian bear dog is a massive breed rivaling other giants like the mastiff.

The characteristics of a russian bear dog strong powerful and fearless these are the most common words used to describe this breed. From 10 to 12 years. The karelian bear dog is a finnish breed that originated in northwestern europe and was originally the dog of russian and finnish peasants used for hunting and as a watch dog.

Russian mastiff known in russia as medelyan or mordash is an old russian dog breed that is close to molossus. The russian bear dog average weight is 110 pounds that is about 50 kg. Russian bear dogs are also known as the caucasian shepherd or the caucasian ovcharka.

Russian bear dog temperament.

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