Rugrats Phil And Lil Duck

The two are white with brown hair and wear matching teal outfits with yellow ducks though phil s outfit has trousers while lil s is a dress. Transcript the episode starts with the scene showing the sun and birds chirping before it pans down into phil and lil s backyard as chuckie puts down a bucket trying to make a mud castle only for the mud to slump back down into a puddle once he moved the bucket.

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The four friends then leave and the scotch babies gave one more cheer for the clan of the ducks as they cheer them by lifting all their kilts up.

Rugrats phil and lil duck. Lil is phil s older twin sister and the daughter of howard and betty deville. Phillip and lillian deville are a pair of twins from rugrats and its spin off all grown up. It also shows lil and tommy playing in the mud with him.

Lillian marie jillian lil deville is a main character in both the rugrats tv series and its spin off series all grown up. Phillip richard william phil deville is a main character in both rugrats and its spin off series all grown up appearing in most episodes of both series. Phil is one of tommy s friends and is very close with his twin sister lil although they often bicker with each other.

It s revealed that betty and lil are taking a mother daughter women s empowerment class. Frequently joining tommy pickles on his adventures phil and lil were near identical in both appearance and personality in the original series to the point that even their parents had a tendency to mistake one for the other. He is the first tritagonist of the series.

11 year old lil as seen in seasons 2 5 of all grown up. Encrypted from the episode mirrorland. Phil and lil were twins who were alike in every possible way and were even dressed to match.

The scotch babies says it s sheep guts as phil and lil lick their lips. She is voiced by kath soucie. Lil and phil share many similarities including a love of dirt eating bugs and playing with earthworms and argue with one another frequently calling each other by their full name whenever they do so.

Both wore pink with black pinstripe shirts and turquoise outfits phil s being a shirt and lil s being a dress with a handkerchief on the left side and a duck on the right and both had a small amount of brown hair on top of their oddly shaped heads.

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