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There is no good way to make that last. Detailing for performance roof detail clipped eave figure 9 2.

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Detailing for performance chapter 9 5 rake at wall exterior figure 9 3 roof.

Roof detail no overhang. Figure 9 1 felt roof sheathing felt split sheet note. Roof detail roofing eave overhang. Figure 8 24c shows a corbel eaves detail with no soffit and with the junction between rafter and ceiling tie taken beyond the outside of the wall.

Smart vent a special roof eaves vent product that provides a 3 4 opening about 6 above the top of the roof drip edge. Chapter 9 4 wood. The siding underneath the overhang is known as the soffit.

Gable roof no overhang. With the west east overhangs the main use is siding window protection and keeping rain snow from foundation. This particular detail would impose certain structural problems for all types of roof construction and may require a blocked heel or additional top chord should trussed rafters be specified.

For a dimension see table 3 1. Martin and jon are right that a roof overhang is the best way to protect the siding. We love the look of the no overhang scottish style roof line as well.

The other common wind related failure at gable ends is uplift of the roof decking at the overhang. Venting solutions for roofs with no overhang or soffit install special roof intake venting products that work at the lower edge of the roof decking underneath the first course of shingles. There is also no gutter in the detail so you will be effectively routing rain down your wall.

Uplift of roof decking at the overhang. I can understand not wanting one with a flat roof but the sloped roof without overhang i never understood. With our house we are planning minimal east and west overhangs and ample south and north overhangs.

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