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It s ridiculous that we have to say this but no this isn t a russian propaganda website. Far right wing expression is just a little bit easier to memeify.

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If santa was black.

Right wing memes. Right wing media doesn t even realize it s portraying the police as a protection racket. Memes need to be abstract disconnected from specific experiences so that more people can latch on and do their thing with it. By pixelyt 2020 11 02 13 00.

63 563 wyte white whites white people black blacks black people blm antifa conservative liberal leftist left wing right wing. This website was created to preserve the best most effective and most surprising elements of right wing political memes. The covington kid in 2019 when sandmann was a student at covington catholic high school in park hills kentucky he attended the annual march for life rally in washington d c with some of his classmates.

By pixelyt 2020 10 24 14 00. One of the biggest right wing viral sensations of the trump era has been nicholas sandmann a k a. Is ashley saint clair a shill working for the starboard group.

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