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Particularly memorable was the bob and sally meme which originated in january 2017 and swiftly gained popularity alongside trump s inauguration the same month. A collection of the bet memes and tweeting skewering president donald trump s biggest cheerleaders and accomplices in the republican party.

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25 brutally hilarious memes proving trump is a moron see also.

Republicans meme. The way the republican mind works is just baffling. The image which showed stick. Build a wall just like china did no mexicans there climate change.

A roundup of funny memes and tweets skewering moronic right wing republicans and trumpsters. 40 brutally hilarious memes proving trump is a moron next 20 brutally hilarious trump impeachment memes. 25 brutally hilarious memes proving trump is a moron next 25 brutally hilarious memes proving trump is a moron.

As soon as the hair dye situation happened it instantly started going viral on twitter and it s become the next big political meme. I blame it on the use of the bible to teach outdated morals to children as well as the special kind of stupid a person has to be to believe biblical stories are genuine parts of history. Rudy giuliani s hair dye becomes a viral meme.

That s just my opinion though. With all the insane things they say and do these jokes just write themselves. Don t science me bro.

Do you want a republican president don t you dare dump that e waste. See for yourself as these memes show just how clueless some republicans are. So to help release all those pent up frustrations here are some of the funniest republican memes we ve rounded up just for you.

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