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Rwby gun pure liberation kone5497 11 2 rwby weapon. My au rwby oc for my fanfic his name is kai the first born son of blake blake belladonna and my main oc marcus snow kai is very laid back but is a genius with and iq of 200 his weapons consist of a bo staff that transforms into a chain duel wield scythe he mostly inherited his mother face and personality and his sites kairi inherited her.

Edgy Man Character Design Male Fantasy Warrior Fantasy Illustration

I m guessing everybody already said it but ocs are generally hated in most fandoms because they suffer from self insertion syndrome they often feel like a 14 year olds poorly written wet dream of being the coolest strongest most perfect and often edgy person in the setting and everyone is usually ooc out of character and in love with likes.

Edgy rwby ocs. From when they first met to. Kaes eru shi 43 2 oc outfit commission. Dust gauntlets accel phoenix 46 0 rwby oc comm gled s sword che3zy 51 1 oc outfit commission.

It s very likely that this quiz could offend you at some point and i wouldn t be surprised if there are. Team embr rwby oc by. Wattys2019 16 more 13.

Their oc can act like the typical mary sue or they make their oc even more edgy. Mmkay before we start i m gonna tell you right now that this quiz is rigid but it s coming from a point where fan characters for rwby don t really pay much heed to what s laid out in the show. We divulge into unknown parts where we find the most edgy characters.

Rwby malereader rubyrose blakebelladonna yangxiaolong weissschnee ruby weiss rwbyfanfic yang blake harem ozpin pyrrha neglect jaune crossover abused jaunearc xmalereader 1 2k stories sort by. Rwby oc speedpaint sai violetta sataneris duration. Also sometimes half grimm.

Nyte eru shi 49 3 oc outfit commission. The rwby oc by yang xiao long. Wonder what really pushed him over the edge.

Greetings and welcome to the semblance care center. Though you should know this was a joke reference to how when people began making ocs for rwby there were a lot of really edgy cringy wolf faunus characters with scythes. Feel free to draw them if you want.

Well this is my best guess of what happened. Oh and since this is rwby oc amino the creator can make this character to be the hero somehow ツ let s start with talking about the mary sue with this ridiculous backstory. Made by me from gachaverse and ocs own to their rightful artists.

Is your rwby oc a mary sue. This is the place managed by spiriteddreaming and vedrantheii with help from phantom where you can post semblance ideas and get them review and refined in order to see if we can make them fit into the rwby verse canon and balance wise via group discussion and decision. Aurum eru shi 50 5.

Possibly with a red black color scheme.

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